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Which haircut is the right one for your face?

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, and each one has unique characteristics and biotypes.

How many times have you tried to get the same cut as a celebrity or from a photo? Did it look good on you?

Most of the times, it did not. And do you know why? Because you are a completely different person and your hair needs to match your own style.

This simple concept moved the hairstylist Juliana Salomão to begin her studies on different types of faces and haircuts.

Ju, as she is affectionately called by almost everyone, is a haircut specialist and analyzes customers individually. When working with clients, she talks, observes and makes experiments. The ultimate goal is finding the right tone and style to highlight each person's strengths.

In order to provide optimal results, Juliana Salomao traveled to different parts of the world to expand her knowledge and refine her techniques.

She studied in New York, London, Paris, Florida, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, further improving her cutting, coloring, smoothing and cosmetology skills.

And what makes Juliana Salomão a valued professional in the market is the combination of her vision as a hairstylist and her unique entrepreneurial spirit.

As a Marketing graduate, with Masters and MBA degrees, she participated in the assembly of several salons, helped in product development, trained teams, created sales strategies and took part in the launch of numerous campaigns.

Ju knows, like no one else, how to conduct and manage the business in all its details, and she makes a point of making it clear that, wherever she goes, she takes her differentiated concept with her.

Certainly, for these reasons, Juliana Salomao makes her customers happy with award-winning



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